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Our Grill reviews will help you find the right grill, grill accessories, grill gift idea and tips on how to grill.

Grill Reviews and rating

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Finding all the information you need to decide what is the right grill or grill accessories for your situation can be very taunting.
Not sure where you should start? Maybe we can help you out here on Better Grills. Grills come in all sizes, brands and types of fuel. We will help you find the way through all the options to find the grill that fits your needs the best. We also have a large section about grill accessories where we describe the pros and cons.

Grill reviews for in and outdoor grills

Outdoor grill reviews

outdoor gas and charcoal grill reviewsFrom gas to electric and from charcoal to gas. 2 burners to 6 burners. We try to give you as many reviews of outdoor grills as possible.
Indoor grill reviews

indoor electric grill reviewsFrom table top to stove top. From simple to state of the art. You can find them all here. We try to review as many indoor electric grill brand as we can.

Char Broil Infrared Grill Reviews

char broil TRU infrared gas grill reviewsThere is a growing interest in the newer infrared grills since they become more and more affordable for the general public like you and me.
That is why we have reviewed the most popular brand like Char Broil.
You can read all our Char Broil infrared grill reviews by clicking on this link.




Weber Grill Reviews

Weber grill reviewsThe Weber grills have and probably will always be a brand people look for. Quality and durability are the two common things people think about when the name Weber grills pop up in a conversation.
We have reviewed several grills already and will adding more Weber grills.
You can read all our Weber grill reviews by clicking on this link.



Grill and BBQ accessories

grill and BBQ accessories reviewedIt is almost impossible to use any kind of grill without the use of accessories.
From a spatula to grill light for the outdoor grill and heat resistance gloves to marinade injectors we review them all.
Grilling without the right accessories is almost impossible to do. Pick the right grill accessories to make your life easier and improve your grilled food.
Have a look the menu or just click on Grill and BBQ accessories to go and see them all.
Do you know that most of these outdoor grilling accessories are also great gift for backyard grillers.





Grill Cover Reviews

grill cover reviewsHaving a nice grill and just leaving it out in the wind and rain does not make sense to me.
Expand the life of your grill with a quality grill cover. We have reviewed grill covers for most of the brands and grill models for you.
With the use of a good quality grill cover you can extend your grill’s life with many years.
Read all our grill cover reviews on this page.




There are many questions to answer about grilling and barbecuing

We try to answer as many as we can here on our “How to” articles on better grills
We all have questions while cooking outdoors on the grill or smoker. We try to answer all questions with your help and try to make this a readers page where we help each other to answer our questions.
Answers to all your grill related questionsWe will try to find all the answers you have to help you finding the best grill for you.
Meaning that we try to find the right size, fuel and performance.
Grilling is very popular and common, but with the right grill whether if this is a gas grill, electric grill, pellet smoker or any grill in between it is so much more fun.
Preparing a meal on a grill that fits you needs is so much more rewarding.



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Happy grilling!!


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Grill reviews for better grilling and smoking

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