Fuego Grill Review


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Fuego grill review
Fuego grills are a well know design from the former Apple designer Robert Brunner and they can be called a designer or maybe even a high end grill. We do a Fuego grill review and will focus on the Fuego element grill and of course also advise on the accessories that are available.

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Main features of the Fuego grill

  • 21 x 21 inches foot
  • 346 sq inches cooking surface
  • Push button ignition
  • Assembles in 30 minutes with 14 screws
  • 21.000 BTU
  • several models available
  • grill surface and grill grate material

    The grill surface is 346 square inches and by the rule of thumb that you need about 70 sq inches per person for a full meal including meat and veggies this grill is good to grill for 5 people. Most of the time however we only use the grill for our meat and in that case there is room for a large group of people because it will fit about 12 burgers at once.

    The grill grate is made of my favorite material. Porcelain coated cast iron. The cast iron will retain the heat very well and the enamel coating is non-stick without the use of PTF or any other chemical. The weight is 15 Lbs and that is prove enough for the quality. It is my personal experience that this enamel coating makes the grill grate easy to clean with a quality brush like you can find in our grill brush reviews.

    More features of the Fuego grill

    There are more things to mention about this Fuego outdoor grill. The propane tank is nicely hidden behind a hinged door and this door opens wide enough for easy access and to replace the tank.

    Fuego grill ratingsThe lid can be removed and placed on the side of the grill for easy storage when you are working on your food and within reach to put it back on right away.
    The lid also comes with a build ii thermometer and this comes in pretty handy. We have experienced that most build in thermometers are not very accurate and that is why we always recommend a digital probe thermometer to keep the grill temperature under control and a pocket thermometer to check the doneness of the meat to make sure it is not under of over cooked.

    The wheels make it very easy to move the grill to any location you want it to go. The wheel can be locked to make sure it does not move while you are operating the grill.

    The residue tray under the fire box will ensure that the flare ups will be limited and by pulling it our you can remove the grease very easy.

    The control valve provides a nice range in temperature that will allow some slow cooking or keeping food warm at 250 degrees and at the high setting it will heat up the grill in no time to searing temperatures of over 550 degrees. The Fuego company even claims temperatures up to 650 degrees.

    There is a conversion set available to convert the element grill to natural gas. Just realize that your will loose the option to move it around. All depending on the length of your hose.

    The total size of the Fuego element gas grill is 21 x 21 inches at the base with the 4 wheels and a height of 46 inch. This takes up as much space as a patio chair. Most grills in this category and with these Btu’s are a lot bigger. For example if we look at the Weber Q3200 review we did the cooking area is just about 50 sq inches more but the total size is 51 x 30 inches. The height is however with 55 inch about 11 inch more. If you are tall that might be something to keep in mind.

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    Our opinion about the Fuego Grill

    After reading many reviews and contacting the Fuego company with some questions we had there is not much negative to tell about the Fuego Element propane gas grill. The variety in models will make me maybe decide to do a separate Fuego element grill review to help you find all the differences in the models.

    The models are:
    Fuego F21C
    This model is the basic model and comes with the lowest price. This one is also know as the Fuego felg21c element gas grill carbon steel.

    Fuego F21S
    This is the stainless steel liquid propane grill.

    Fuego F21SNG
    This is the F21SNG stainless steel natural gas model.

    We will add more information about the exact differences very soon.

    Fuego grill accessories

    There are accessories we recommend for every grill and we have found the ones we think will help your Fuego grill last longer and the ones that will improve your cooking experience.

    Fuego grill cover

    There is no outdoor grill that will last long without a good grill cover to protect it form the elements.
    The Fuego FEAOC4 Element Outdoor Cover Grill is specially made to fit all element grills.

    Made from high quality material and the seams that are taped gives an extra layer of protection against water.
    As a nice extra it has the Fuego log on it.
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    Fuego clip on side shelf

    Fuego element grill clip on tableThis heavy duty shelf can hold up to 10 lbs and simply slips in the side handle to give you more space.

    Great for placing some of your other accessories you use like a plate, bowl for a rub or maybe your favorite drink.
    You never seem to have enough room when you cook on the grill and this handy table can make your life a lot easier.
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    Fuego cast iron griddle

    Fuego feagp1 cast iron skillet for Fuego element grillsA grill can be used for a lot more than cooking meat of veggies. With this Fuego feagp1 cast iron griddle you are able to cook breakfast, fajitas, sausage and anything else you would normally cook on a flat grill of in a skillet.

    This griddle fits the FELG21C, felg21s, feng21s, f21c, f21s and f21sng models.

    The surface is easy to clean because it is porcelain coated just like the regular grill grate and is very versatile to use.
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    Hope you enjoyed reading our Fuego grill review and found the designer grill you were looking for. Feel free to leave a comment if you have one of the models and like to share your experience with out readers.

    If you are looking for a different outdoor grill just click on our outdoor grill review page to start a new search in our grill reviews.

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