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High end luxury BBQ outdoor grills have the advantage that the quality is very high

High Quality outdoor bbq gas grillMost high end outdoor grills use propane gas, natural gas, charcoal or a combination of these heat sources, but the electric high end grills are becoming more popular now people are most of the time not allowed to grill in apartments or condo’s
Reason many people look for any high end outdoor grill is that they are willing to pay a little more for a lot more quality.
In many cases it is well known that you get what you pay for and a high end barbecue grill is no exception to that rule.
It is not always easy to recognize, for example, the best high end gas grills. We did many high end grill reviews to help you find the best grill for your purpose.
There are many brands that make great grills but it takes a lot of time to compare all the features of them.
We will write high end grill reviews of many brands we think are worth the money you spend on them.
The well know names like:

  • Lynx grills
  • Weber grills
  • Viking grills
  • Napoleon grills
  • Traeger grills
  • Rec Tec grill

Just to mention a few of the top brands that will be reviewed by there most popular models.

Napoleon – High end grill reviews

You can have a look a the Napoleon Grill reviews here.
We reviewed the:


Weber – High end grills

For the Weber lovers we started to review their high end grills.
The first one is the Weber Q3200 review here. Click on the link to see what we found out about this Weber 2 burner propane and natural gas grill.


Kenyon electric grill

The Kenyon electric grill is one of the last one made in America by a family owned business from Connecticut.
The quality is well known and these grill will last for many years.
Available in 120 and 240 Volt and in a portable and built in version for your outdoor kitchen.
You can read the whole Kenyon electric grill review here.

What a lot of these grills have is the option to make them a perfect fit for your outdoor kitchen.
Built in or separate it is all possible.
We will also advice on accessories and of course high quality grill covers to protect your grill from the elements.

Benefits of high end luxury BBQ outdoor grillsHigh end gas burners

The gas burners of cheaper models do not last to long on average. I have bought cheap portable gas grills in the past and the burner most of the time lasted one or two seasons at the most.
My recent small gas grill that I reviewed is my Char-Broil grill2go x200 (click on the link to read the review) is of a lot better quality and the burner is still in perfect condition and even the push button ignition worked right away after not having used it for almost 3 months.

Spare parts for high end grills

The cheaper grills that you can buy for around $50 will most of the time have no spare parts that you can purchase. Even the lower priced models of the top brands do not have that option.
The grills with the higher price label have the advantage that spare parts are most of the time widely available.
This can make that your grill can be maintained for a few dollar and last a lot longer.


Better heat distribution

These kind of better quality grills most of the time will have a better and more even temperature over the grill surface. This is like we mentioned a result of all the higher quality components like burners, heat reflectors, grill grate and a lot more.

Better temperature control

The used materials including the regulator will result in wider temperature range and a better way of keeping the temperature on the right setting.
If you read reviews of the lower end gas grills than this one of the complaints you hear the most.

What about high end smokers and pellet smokers

Like we wrote before the high end smokers and in particular the pellet smokers have a better steel gauge and the welds and seams are better and more air tight.
Our favorite pellet smokers are the Rec Tec grill and you can read our Rec Tec pellet grill review here.
the second one is the Traeger pellet grill and with the new regulator the are even better now.
You can read the Traeger pellet grill review here and form your own opinion.

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