How to solve gas grill regulator problems

common gas grill problem

One of the common gas grill problems is that our flame seems not to get high anymore.




This causes the grill not to heat up and not perform anymore.
I have read many stories about people changing out gas tanks or burners several times and not find the problem.
Even read about people dumping their grill because they thought it was broken and could not be fixed.
Here is what the story is behind this propane grill regulator problem.
Since a couple of years there is a safety feature on grills that causes problems with the gas flow of the propane gas grills.
This can be caused by several things like

  • Damaged part of the grill
  • Clogged gas lines
  • Leaking gas line or connection

But most of the time it is caused by this new safety feature,that works like this:
In case of a gas leak the gas flow is higher than normal. This feature in our regulator register a abnormal high gas glow and restricts the flow by shutting a kind of valve.

Now what can we do about this propane grill regulator problem.

regulatorStep 1: Keep the lid open to ventilate
Step 2: Turn all knobs off
Step 3: Turn off the knob of the tank
Step 4: Disconnect the hose from the tank.
Step 5: Wait a while and reconnect the hose to the tank
Step 6: Turn the knob of the tank open. But the trick DO IT SLOW
Step 7: Light your grill like you always do.



This should solve the problem and you can start using your grill as normal.

For some reason this is more a Weber grill problem than any other brand.
Here are 2 videos I found on this subject that can make it more clear than I did in my explanation maybe.




Leave us a comment if this worked or you have more tips on this subject. We like to hear all the tricks in the book.


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  1. YOU ARE MY ABSOLUTE HERO for posting this. I have a relatively new BBQ (just a cheap one) and a half full brand new propane tank and had become so frustrated when it stopped working for no apparent reason. I normally bbq almost every day so its been driving me nuts that I couldn’t figure it out! I just tried what you instructed and it totally worked. I can’t wait to BBQ tonight FINALLY. Thank you so much!!

    1. Your welcome.
      This is the reason I put all these “how to” articles on the website. Sometimes there is a very simple solution.

  2. Yes…it works!!!

  3. Yes but what about when the grill loses flame halfway through grilling? It starts off fine for about 20 minutes and then the flame becomes very low even though it’s turned to high. It’s happened about 4 times in a row. Plenty of propane.

    1. That’s a new one for me. Never heard or experienced that.
      My guess would be a faulty regulator and replace that one first.
      What is your grill brand? And have you contacted them about this problem?
      I will try to do some research and find an answer for you.
      Keep me posted if you have contact the grill manufacturer.

      1. Brinkmann is the brand. Since this I did replace the regulator and it still does the same thing. I’ve tried different propane tanks also.

        1. Wayne,
          I have send an email to the Brinkmann customer service about this problem.
          I got no idea what to do next. I really thought a new regulator would do the trick.
          Maybe they can help us find a solution. I let you know as soon as they answer me.

          1. Wayne I have send you an email with the answer of the Brinkmann company.
            Here is what he basically said. (For the other readers)

            “The problem he’s describing can only be one of a few things:

            A regulator that needs to be reset or replaced.
            A low or faulty propane tank.
            A gas leak from the propane tank, regulator, hose, manifold or valves.

            Like I wrote you I think you have to start looking at something that gets warm over a period of time.
            Sounds like something is slowly effecting your gas or airlow.

            Let us know if you found something.


  4. Glad I found this, I just had this problem and was ready to raise hell with blue rhino for filling the tanks half full with something other than propane.
    Glad I didn’t now, you saved some inbarassment!

    1. You’re welcome. glad it worked. This is why I try to find all these problems and provide an easy solution.

  5. I started having a few problems with my regulator a few weeks ago, and tried to fix it all myself. I ended up messing it up even more I think. One of the best options I think is just going ahead and getting a new one. If it keeps acting up, it could be dangerous, and safety is definitely worth more to me than the cost of a new regulator.

    1. Tyler,
      I think you are 100% right. Don’t try to fix it. They are not that expensive to replace.
      Safety first.
      Happy grilling

  6. Gas grill far burner is not regulating as it hisses and pops other burner is fine new regulator new burners new tank of gas still is not flowing properly please help

    1. Sounds like a problem with the gas flow to the far burner since you changed out the burner. Have you checked all connections and see if there is maybe a blockage in the gas line? Sometimes bugs get in there and causes flow problems.
      Let me know if you found anything.

  7. All of the articles/troubleshooting guides online seem to address this same issue, but none about the issue I’m having, which is no flame at all (electric start on Weber Q120 seems to be fine, I can see the spark). I have performed all of the steps above, removed and cleaned my burner tube and I can’t hear the gas going through the burner or smell any gas at all. Could the regulator itself (which small propane tank screws directly into, i believe this is the regulator) be the issue? If so can it be repaired or replaced?

    Would love to not have to replace the grill, it has been going strong for 5 years and this problem came out of nowhere. PLEASE HELP!!!

    1. Duffy,
      It sound like the regulator has gone out. If you don’t hear or smell gas that is the only option left.
      I found this one on Amazon: and although a little of 50 dollar it is still a lot cheaper than buying a new grill.

      Let me know if it worked.

  8. I have a char broil 4 burner grill. I just replaced all the burners with replacements fro char broil. The flames are now acting like the regulator is tripped – low flame, only gets up to 250-300 f. When I first light the burner it seems high and normal, but as I turn other burners on the flame gets low and stays low. I have tried the process to rest the regulator several times and the response is the same each time.
    It acts like multiple burners cause it to respond like too much flow.

    1. Pete,
      Sounds like the regulator is not functioning the way it should.
      After you replaced the burners the gas flow probably went up like it was when they were new.
      I would try a new regulator fist I think.
      Let us know if that worked it might help other readers with the same problem.
      Thanks for sharing.

      1. Will do – thankyou

      2. I replaced the regulator and voila – problem solved.

        1. Pete,
          I am glad to hear that.
          Thank you for sharing it with all the readers here and lets hope it will help other people with the same problem.
          Since they had to put that safety feature in the regulators I bet you a lot of people threw out there grill and bought a new one because of this problem.
          Have a great day.

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