Lodge Sportsman’s Review

Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie

lodge sportsman hibachi grill

In this Lodge sportsman’s review we have a look at the Lodge L410 pre seasoned sportsmans charcoal grill because it is the number one seller in the outdoor table top grills category on one of the largest online retail stores.
Cast iron is still a very popular material for hibachi grills because of its durability and retaining the heat so well.

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About the Lodge Sportsman’s cast iron hibachi grill

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The Lodge hibachi measures 19 x 10 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches and this is big enough to cook for a family and still small enough to use as a portable grill. although you have to realize it ways about 32 pounds.
The cast iron lodge sportsmans grill comes pre-seasoned and is ready for use.

Better Grills Rating: 4.7

Customer Reviews of the lodge sportsman’s hibachi grill

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“Two bolts to assemble. Great hibachi! The hamburgers and steaks I have made on this are phenomenal. The only thing I wished was that somebody would have told me how much charcoal to use. I would recommend starting with 45 pieces of charcoal for hamburgers and steaks. I used 60 to do some T-bones and it cooked very fast, even with the grill turned up. In many instances, 40 may be too few. I lined it with aluminum foil as recommended by another, and that helped with cleanup. I have owned many hibachies in my lifetime, and this is absolutely the best ever…(read more here: Lodge sportsman’s review)”

“Nice little grill, I collect cast iron and had to have one. The only problems I see is the grate is very flat, makes it hard to keep sausages in place. I have no problem where they put the logo, like some people have. I found it a little hard to grill chicken on, you have to constantly turn it to keep it from burning, since the meat is so close to the coals, and chicken takes at least a half hour to cook. Works great searing a steak though. I would recommend to anyone, that knows how to use a grill….(read more here: Lodge sportsman’s review)”


Our opinion About the Lodge Sportsman grill

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If you like cast iron and need a grill that will probably last for years and years this lodge sportsman charcoal hibachi style grill is what you should get.

I have not read all of the over 700 customer ratings, butwith an average rating of 4.7 there is not too much wrong with this lodge sportsman grill.

Although it is also recommended as a small portable grill I think with its 32 pounds it is not to easy to carry around.

On the campground however it is perfect to use, because you do not have to move it around all the time.
One thing we found is that the little door at the front does not have a latch to keep it in place and comes of easy.

One users mentioned it was great to sear a steak because of the grate is getting so hot.
Experiment with the amount of coals you need so you don’t loose to much coals when you are done cooking and the more coal you use the hotter it will get.
When you pick it up it will tilt towards the front because it is off balance.
Be aware of the fact that the legs become very hot and can burn the table you set it on.
Someone put an old cookie sheet under it to protect the table.
Remember this is cast iron and it will rust even if you try to take care of it.
Read one user that had the previous model and it lasted them 10 summers.
The lodge logo in the middle makes it hard to clean according to some reviews, but not too many people seems to find that a problem.
Great cast iron hibachi grill made by Lodge

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Pictures of the Lodge Sportsman cast iron hibachi grill

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lodge sportmans grill

lodge sportsman's hibachi grill

lodge sportsman grill price

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