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Outdoor Grill reviews we have finished

Outdoor grill reviews we do are based on reading many customer experiences on a variety of websites, forums and consumer sites.
There are many types of outdoor grills and we looked at many of them. From charcoal to liquid propane and natural gas grills. We also looked at the newest electric grills for on balconies and patios if charcoal or gas is not allowed.


High End grills – High end BBQ outdoor grills are being reviewed here. Luxury BBQ grills are most of the time from a very high quality and will last longer.
Electric grills – Electric grills are becoming more and more popular. Many apartment owners do not allow grills with flames so an electric can be the perfect solution there.
Traeger grills – Traeger grills use pellets instead of charcoal or gas. They give you the opportunity to slow cook over a longer period of time without having to watch the grill constantly.
Char broil infrared grills – The Char Broil infrared grills are to be honest one of my favorite grills. The infrared prevents flare ups and maintain an even temperature all over the grill grates.
Char Broil The Big Easy Infrared grills – The big easy infrared series from Charbroil offer an alternative for oil based cookers. The meat like Turkey and chicken stay real moist and contain less oil and grease.
Weber grill reviews
Weber grill are still one of the most selling grills. Little higher priced but in most cases you get what you pay for. We looked at the most popular models and reviewed them for you.
Rec Tec Pellet Grill – Rec Tec is in my opinion one of the top pellet grills and like I mentioned before offers a slow cook method without watching the grill all the time.
Napoleon gas grills – Napoleon gas grills are a top of the line. The prices might be a little higher but you pay for quality.
Cast iron hibachi grills – Maybe for some people a little outdated, but I still think they rock. A simple Hibachi is easy to set up and use for a fast grilled meal.
Kamado Grills – Kamado grills are fairly new but many people fell in love with them. The features like the thick wall that keep the temperatures constant in combination with the multiple ways you can use them makes them so popular.
Portable Gas Grills – More and more people find the convenience and easy to use features of a portable gas grill. We review the top brands and tell you all about their pros and cons.
We have not decide yet in what category we will place the Feugo grill. For now we just give you a link to our Fuego grill review so you can have a look at this nice designer grill.

Outdoor grill safety

It does not matter if you use a gas grill, charcoal or any other type of grill outside. Safety should always be your first concern. There are a few easy step to make your grill area a safe place with no change of catching anything on fire.
here are our outdoor grill safety tips we found on: http://www.nfpa.org/public-education/by-topic/seasonal-fires/grilling/outdoor-cooking-with-portable-grills.

  • Propane and charcoal should only be used outdoors
  • Place the grill away from your home, railings, eaves and tree branches
  • Keep children and pets at least three feet away
  • Always keep your grill clean and grease free
  • Never leave your grill unattended
  • Open your lid before lightning a gas grill
  • Make sure the grill if off after using it
  • Keep a spray bottle water ready
  • Keep a fire extinguisher at hand

Charcoal grill safety tips

  • Use a charcoal starter, electric or a chimney starter
  • Use a good extension cord for electric charcoal starters
  • If you use starter fluid only use charcoal starter fluid
  • Never add starter fluid to a fire
  • Let the grill completely cool before disposing charcoal left

Bu following these tips that are mostly common sense you can prevent to become a statistic in one of the fires that got started by using any type of outdoor grill in the wrong way.

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