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Pizza Stone Reviews

pizza stone reviews
More and more people realize that a pizza on the grill taste so much better than from the oven.
When we seen that we thought it was time to have a little more in-depth look at them.
We have found a few popular brands and are reviewing some of them here on better grills.



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1. PizzaCraft Pizza Stone Review

PizzaCraft Pizza Stone Review

PizzaCraft 15 inch round
The PizzaCraft Pizza stone is one of the most sold pizza stones.
With a PizzaCraft pizza stone you can make your pizza’s taste great and just like the ones baked in a brick lined oven.
This pizza stone for the grill comes in several sizes and shapes, but they all have the same features and give the same result. Your choice is just pick the one for your grill size.


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We have started on the reviews, but not published all of them yet.
If you can not wait and are curious about the best pizza stones click on the link to find out the prices.


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The reason a pizza stone works better than for example a cookie sheet is the fact that the stone absorbs more moisture.
A cookie sheet is made of metal and can not absorb anything of course.
The stone also retains the heat better and most of them you can use in the oven or on the grill.
There are also special rings for in a kettle grill and they are called KettlePizza kits.
We will review them later.

Moat of the time it is better to put the stone in a cold oven or place on a cold grill.
We must remember that temperature shocks can cause the stone to crack or fracture.

Since they absorb any liquid including dish soap a pizza stone should be brushed of and rinsed in plain water.

What you do is try to imitate the same effects that a real pizza oven has and this includes the better flavor and the fact that the pizza crust is more crispy and less change on burning the pizza crust.

I have read an article from someone who went to one of the big box hardware stores and looked for unglazed, quarry tiles.
They look like Terra-cotta and can be as cheap as 30 cents a piece.
He used a few of them to make a pizza stone in the oven.

My concern would be the possible lead in the material when you use these regular tiles a pizza oven stones.
But this site is about grilling and so we focus on the pizza stone you can use on the grill or bbq.

One important aspect seems to be the thickness of the stone.
Some mentioned that thicker is better, so this is one of the things we will try to implement in our pizza oven reviews.


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