Portable Gas Grill Reviews

Portable propane gas grills are winning in popularity and are sold more and more.
Now the economy is picking back up more people spend money on recreation and maybe that is why they are sometimes called a travel grill.

The sales of small portable grills are increasing and more people starting to see the easy to use features of them.
For a long time a small gas grill was not easy to use because of the limitations and the fact that the heat most of the time was not evenly distributed on the grill.
Now the quality is getting better we have decided to add these portable gas grill reviews to the website.

Char Broil grill2go x200 review

grill2go x200 review


The reason we chose this portable BBQ gas grill to be the first one to review is because we bought one our self. No better reason to have a good look at it and share our experience about this Char Broil portable infrared gas grill.
We will do the review from start to finish. Starting with the packaging and ending with our results about the food we cooked on it and how it held up to our cooking.
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Weber Q1000 review

Weber Q 1000 review


The Weber Q 1000 portable gas grill is the upgraded model of the Q100 or also called Baby-Q. Like most portable propane gas grills the surface is not to cook for a large group but just for camping and or tailgating. This does not mean you can not use it on you patio or deck and grill some great food.
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Weber Q1200 Harley Davidson review


Harleyh Davidson Weber Q1200 grillThis Harley Davidson portable gas grill is built on the Q1000 and has basically the same specification and hat means that you can not go wrong with this portable gas grill.
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Coleman PerfectFlow Instastart Grill and Stove

coleman perfectflow 2 burner instastart grill stove review


Coleman has always been a very good and well known brand in portable grills and this one has been around for a while and got some good customer reviews. We got a closer look at this portable camping grill and are impressed with the results.
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