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Rating: 4.8 Reviewed by Eddie
rec tec grill reviewAfter the Rec Tec grill review we did there is not much other to say than that this grill comes highly recommended by many users.

The quality of the used materials in combination with the large hopper and great performance of the auger makes this to what someone mentions a “grilling machine”.

What impressed us was the state of the art temperature controller in this pellet smoker. Although Rec Tec claims a steady temperature range within 5 degrees of he set point we have read many times that is actual within 2 degrees.

Feel free to contact us if you think we left out something in this Rec Tec grill review.

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Table of Contents

1. grill surface
2. Material of the grate
3. Features
5. Customer Reviews
6. Pros & Cons
6. Summary
7. Recommended
8. Tips from users
8. Videos


Grill surface of the Rec Tec Pellet Grill

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19.5″ x 36″ cooking area this is about 700 square inches

Material of the grate

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1/4 inch stainless steel rods.

Features of the Rec Tec grill

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Brand NameRec Tec
Grill surface36" x 19.5"
Drip pan12 gauge stainless steel
Fire pot10 gauge stainless steel
Grate material1/4 inch stainless steel rod
Heat deflector12 gauge stainless steel
Hopper capacity40 lbs
Temperature controllerproprietary PID algorithm
Interior lightyes
Displaylarge RTD display
WheelsRollerblade style and locking casters

Customer Reviews

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“I’ve always wanted a pellet smoker, the problem has always been price (typically they run between $2,000 to $6,000). Rec Tec has made this grill affordable for just about everyone! The guys at Rec Tec are a class act, in fact, I have never experienced customer service at this level from any retailer or vendor IN MY LIFE! Their service is beyond belief. Stop looking! This is the best value grill that is built to last and uses THE SAME DIGITAL CONTROLLER other brands use that cost thousands more ($2,500+ and up). Cook with REAL WOOD, no fuels, no charcoal with liter fluid, no propane, or gas fumes. You will love this smoker/grill and never use grill with anything else every again. THANK YOU REC TEC GRILLS!…(read more here: Rec Tec Grill Review)”

“Set it and forget it! This smoke delivers on all fronts. Not only is it great to look at, but it is an amazing smoker. So far, I’ve cooked 2 racks and ribs and 2 pork butts on it, and they have turned out better than anything I’ve cooked before. The temp holds steady, even in cooler March weather in the pacific NW. The build quality is fantastic and the little extras like the light inside are great to have. Rec Tec’s customer service is 2nd to none! When you get the business card for the owners and other execs, they aren’t just a gimmick. I called one of their guys at 5:30 pacific time on a Friday night (8:30 where he was at), not only did he pick up, but he helped walk me through my minor issue.
They’ve made a customer for life!….(read more here: Rec Tec Pellet grill Review)”

Amazon Rating: 5.0


Pros & Cons

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With a 5 stars ratings we can probably say that this is a good grill/smoker.
The most positive remarks are about the quality of the material, the pretty easy assembling and the customer service that has more very positive comments than I ever read. The temperature controller is very accurate and although the Rec Tec company claims to stay within 5 degrees I have read many users stating that they stayed within 2 or 3 degrees with their temperature. The size of this pellet smoker makes it easy to cook a beer can chicken.

With a 5 stars rating you will understand that we will not have to many cons.
What I could find was so minor that I actually not even feel like mentioning them, but to be complete in my review I have to.
One complain about it is that is does not come with a front shelf.
One complaint was about a little problem with the assembling and their should be a pilot screw for that.
Think I can live with these very minor problems since that were the only 2 I could find

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Summary of what we think about the Rec Tec pellet grill

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It is pretty simple to come to the conclusion that this Rec Tec pellet grill comes highly recommend. The fact that the so called smart technology controller keeps the temperature very accurate is off-course one of the best features of this pellet smoker.

I think what this grill separates himself from other brands like Traeger is the way Rec Tec controller takes care of the temperature setting. Most pellet smokers add more or less pellets per so many seconds to keep the temperature steady and without to many fluctuations. They do this without measuring the actual temperature in the smoker.
Rec Tec however increase or decreases the speed that the pellets are added depending on the real temperature in the smoker.
If the temperature is to high they add less pellets and when the temperature is to low they add more pellets. Like the cruise control in your car adds more or less fuel to keep the speed you set it on. This makes the temperature control process very accurate because it use the real temperature and not some timing schedule to add pellets like used by other brands. For the more technical readers here is a link to a website that explains what a => PID controller <=is like used in the Rec Tec pellet smoker.

What I also think is a great plus is that the seems are all welded and caulked to make this grill “air tight”.
In case of a problem with the RecTec pellet grill the customer service is mentioned as top notch and great to work with. Replacement parts are shipped very fast and the over the phone help is great.


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We always recommend a good quality cover for any grill and the Rec Tec is no exception to this rule.
A cover can extend the life span of your grill with many years.

Rec Tec Grill Mat Review


We Also recommend the use of the Rec Tec grill mat to make it easier to smoke or grill delicate products like fish and vegetables. you can read the => Rec Tec Grill Mat Review <= here

We found that some people would like more smoke in the Rec Tec or any other pellet smoker. The A-maze-n tube smokers are mentioned as very useful for this. We have reviewed them and here is the link here to the smoke tubes reviews
If you would like to go straight to the >Amazen tubes<=click here

Tips from real users

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Although most users are very happy with the way this pellet smoker/grill works there are a few tips.

  • For more smoke use the amaz’n smoke tube. You fill it with pellets, light it and add it to the grill to get a stronger smoke taste to your meat.
  • Use the grill mat to make grilling and cleaning easier

Videos of the Rec Tec pellet smoker/grill

Assembling of a rec tec grill

Competition ribs on the Rec Tec

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