Thermometer Reviews

The right digital meat or probe thermometer can improve your grilling

We all spend most of the time a lot of money on a nice grill, smoker or bbq and another big chunk of money on quality meat and then start cooking.

A quality thermometer is not an accessory it is almost a necessary

ThermometerGrilling or smoking without knowing the right temperature is driving your car without a speedometer. Your driving, but got no idea how fast.
Cooking without a thermometer is almost the same. You are cooking, but got no idea how fast.

A higher temperature means a shorter cooking time of maybe even undercooked food.
A lower temperature means that you have to cook longer and the meat might dry out.

analog thermometerI know that most grill come with some kind of build in thermometer either in the hood or like in some more upscale grills on the grate level.

Those thermometers are most of time not the best quality and most of the time also not placed on the right place. So, I consider them not be the best grill thermometer.

We will review the following digital thermometers and you can click on the links.

Pocket Thermometer reviewa

Pocket thermometers

  • Thermoworks splash-proof Thermapen
  • Thermoworks thermopop
  • Instant Read digital thermometer

    Digital Probe Thermometer reviews

    Digital Probe Thermometers

  • Thermoworks Splashproof ChefAlarm
  • Maverick et 732 dual probe
  • Maverick et 733 dual probe

    Where do we need a thermometer

    When we are grilling or smoking there are two temperatures we should monitor.

  • Temperature on the grate level
  • Temperature internal in your meat
  • To be honest if I had to choose (and don’t we all?) I would go for the temperature on the grate level first and buy a quality thermometer for that.
    I probably have a lot of people who don’t agree with me and say that they are both equal important, and I guess they are right, but I am talking about making a choice.
    I rather know what temperature I am cooking on and guess the time I have to cook then knowing the internal temperature and got no idea how the outside of my meat will look.

    What are the best thermometers

    There are a few qualifications a thermometer should have.

  • Accurate reading
  • This is of-course on of the most important things. A bad reading is about just as bad as no reading at all.

  • Speed of reading
  • This is important for any handheld thermometer because you open the lid of your grill to check the internal temperature and your grill will loos its temperature fast.
    A reading speed of half a second is great.
    With this reading speed you have time to measure the temperature on several spots.

  • Length of the used probe
  • Very important for larger cuts of meat like a Boston but or big ham.

  • Water resistant and easy to clean
  • This is a no brainier and I think does not need any explanation.

    Where to place a thermometer

    The first place I suggest you place a thermometer is about 2 inches above the grill grate.
    this is most of the time the temperature you are cooking with.
    Of course it is important to place it close to the meat and if you are cooking indirect not to close to the heat source.
    The second is in your meat, for the internal temperature, and that is determent by the cut of meat you are cooking.
    Place it in the thickest part, but make sure not to touch a bone with the tip.
    This will give a false reading.

    What thermometer should I buy

    I strongly advice you to spend as much as you can afford, because it will pay back in better quality cooking and will help you prevent to have under or over cooked meat.

    The Best Choice would be a dual probe digital thermometer or 2 separate thermometers.
    One, like I mentioned 2″ above the grill grate and the other in the meat you are cooking to check the internal temperature.

    For right now I advice to have a look at the Maverick Thermometers and here is a link to Amazon, because I think they have the best prices and customer service.
    Click here for all Maverick Thermometers

    We will be writing more Thermometer reviews and be more specific about brands and features as soon as we are done with our research.

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