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Traeger Junior Elite



Traeger junior elite

The traeger junior elite is a very easy to use smoker/grill. Fill it with pellets, turn it one and watch the convection blower and auger do all the work for you.

Set it on smoke or the desired temperature and the Traeger digital controller will take over from there.

This is called a lazy man smoker. Easy to use and although I have done many reviews this Traeger has really impressed me.

I even think I am putting it on my wishlist. Read my review and let me know if I have to add something to it from you experience as a user of the Traeger junior elite.



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Traeger Texas pellet grill

Traeger Texas pellet grill


There is a lot to say about the Traeger Texas pellet grill. This was not an easy grill to review.
There are 2 kind of reviews.
The ones that love it and would by it over and over again and the ones that really did not like it at all.
But to be honest there are more people that like this pellet grill.
The most common pros we heard was the ease of use of this grill. Fill it with pellets, set your temperature and the grill does the rest.
Recently this grill is made in China and many people regret that.

This grill is the kind of grill that you have to get used to. It seems it is a convection oven with build in smoker. Most of the reviews and comments we read on forums and websites say that the food taste great and is perfect time after time, but there is a little learning curve.

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Traeger Lil Tex elite

Lil Tex Elite


The Traeger lil Tex Elite is what can be called a set and forget pellet grill.
I have heard someone call it a lazy mans grill.
How it works?: Fill the hopper with your preferred pellet, start it, set your temperature and put your meat on it.
That is all you have to do.
The results are pretty darned good. Due to the thermostat the temperature stays constant and that is a big advantage over charcoal or propane gas.
With a use of 2 lbs/hr on high, 1 lb/hr on medium and 1/2 lb/hr when smoking you can use the 20 lb pellets for a lot of cooking with this pellet smoker.
But there is a lot more to tell about this pellet grill.

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We will be adding more Traeger grill reviews here. If you would like us to review a specific one let us know.

For more information you can go to

Traeger keeps adding more grills to their store and the quality is getting better and better in our opinion.
You can have a look at all Traeger grills on Amazon by clicking on the link.

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Grill cover problems with the Traeger grills

I got a response on this Traeger grill review page that you can read in the comment sections below.
Ben mentioned a problem that I had not heard of and even better than that he offered a solution to that problem also.
It seems that the grill covers for the Traeger grill tend to be blown away by the wind and according to Ben they hang little sand bags at the them so they don’t blow away. Jim himself added padded magnets to his grill cover and 2 0r 3 will do the trick.

Thanks for your help Jim. I will see if I can get find more solutions. I can imagine that Velcro might be an idea?

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  1. I recommended a magnetic grill cover to Traeger a while back and I still see people are making weighted sand bags to hang off them so they don’t blow away. Just wondering when you might implement this idea?
    Right now I use a couple padded magnets on mine but they are kind of a bother because they could fall off and get lost,, but just 2 of these 3 inch magnets on each end does the trick very well.

    1. Ben,
      Thank yo for the comment. I had not heard of that problem but added a section to the traeger grill review page with your tip and will do some research and maybe come up with more solutions.


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