Traeger Junior Elite Review

Rating: 4.7 Reviewed by Eddie
Traeger Junior Elite



The Traeger junior elite is a very easy to use smoker/grill. Fill it with pellets, turn it one and watch the convection blower and  auger do all the work for you.

Set it on smoke or the desired temperature and the Traeger digital controller will take over from there.

In the Traeger junior elite review it is called a lazy man smoker. Easy to use and although I have done many reviews this Traeger has really impressed me.

I think I am putting it on my wishlist. Read my review and let me know if I have to add something to it from you experience as a user of the Traeger junior elite.


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Table of Contents

1. grill surface
2. Material of the grate
3. Features
5. Customer Reviews
6. Pros & Cons
6. Summary
7. Recommended


Grill surface of the junior elite

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This Traeger junior comes with a 292 square inches grill surface.
Large enough for 2 whole chicken or 3 full size slabs of ribs.

Material of the grate

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The grate is a porcelain coated grilling grate. This is a very popular material to coat a grate and works very well.

Features of this grill

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  • MODEL BBQ155
  • 19500 BTU’s
  • 292 sq. in. (20 X 15) Grilling Area

Dimensions & Weight

  • Height: 38 inches
  • Width: 36 inches
  • Depth: 16 inches
  • Weight: 68 lbs.

Customer Reviews

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There is a learning curve with the Traeger. The good news is there are so many websites and videos on youtube about how to cook with a Traeger you can become an aficionado in no time at all. That said for the best results I recommend following the directions on the Traeger site for some of your first attempts to get used to it. We use our Traeger about 2-3 times a week all year long. It is great for smoking as you can set it with the pellets and walk away without much maintenance. As long as the auger is working and there are pellets in the box the temperature will remain low and only smoke the meat on the grill surface.…(read more here: Traeger junior elite Review)”

“We bought this as a gift for our son. We’ve had smokers, and currently own a Weber grill, a propane grill, and a small Traeger. Ever since we bought the Traeger, we haven’t used the others. The Traeger does have a short learning curve, but once you start using a Traeger, you won’t go back to using other grills. It lightly smokes and perfectly grills everything. Best ribs and turkey legs ever! Burgers, steaks, fish all turn out perfectly as well…(read more here:Traeger junior elite Review)”

Amazon Rating: 4.7

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Pros & Cons

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If i would put all the pros in here that I found I need more room in this review. The pros overshadow the few cons I found about this grill. The set and forget, the consistent quality of the food, the fact that you just have to plug it in and it works, and overall the easy assembly where just some of the pros I found. Most users are very pleased with this smoker/grill and for questions there are a ton of forums about this and other pellet grills.

In the cons we found a lot of people mention the bad manual. There is not enough information in there how to set the so called P-settings. Another point we found that it is recently made in China and people regret that and someone even had the idea that the quality of steel was not the same anymore, but I can not find any proof of that. Cooking on the Traeger comes with a learning curve, but is that not the case with any other grill also? That you have to buy the shelf separate was also mentioned and taking the price in consideration I can relate to that in some way.

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Features Overview:

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Summary of what we thing about the Traeger junior elite grill

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To be honest I had never really done a lot of research on pellet grills because I thought it was for people who do not know how or do not want to watch the temperature on their smoker. After reading more and doing research on many forums I found out I was wrong.

This Traeger junior elite pellet grill has its learning curve and you might have to play with the so called P-settings and get them on your desired temperature, but after that it is a great smoker and grill. With its thermostat settings you can decide in no time if you want to grill or smoke.
Although in my opinion this is more a smoker then a grill, many people used it as both and where satisfied with the results.

The pellets are a subject of discussion on many forums. Is it real mesquite, oak or any other wood or just grind up wood pressed into pellets with an oil that gives the smoke flavor?
I will do more research on that and add it here later.

Overall I think this pellet grill is a great addition for any backyard smoker or griller and very easy to use on a daily basis.



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As always we recommend a good cover for your Traeger smoker gill.

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