How To Wash A Pizza Stone

how to wash a pizza stoneWashing a Pizza stone is sometimes a little hard to do. Specially when the dough got caked on it a little. But here you can read some east steps on how to wash a pizza stone


The best steps to take is to try to get it not to be too dirty by taking a few simple steps.



  • Pre heat the stone in the oven or grill
  • Use cornmeal or flower to prevent sticking of the dough
  • Don’t make the stone to hot
  • By following these easy tips you can prevent the stone of becoming too dirty in the first place and that makes it easier to clean.

    One important tip:

    Never use dishsoap to clean a pizza stone

    no dishsoapBetter is to say no to use any kind of detergent, soap or chemical to clean a pizza stone.
    A pizza stone is a natural product and contains pores.
    These pores will absorb your dishsoap and or other chemical you use and ruin the stone.
    It will leave a very nasty taste the next time you will use the Pizza stone.

    Best way to clean a pizza stone

    All you need is water and some elbow grease.
    That’s the whole secret behind how to wash a pizza stone.
    Rinse it under running water and use a sponge or light scrubby pad to clean the service.
    Let it dry and you are good for then next time.

    Video on how to wash a pizza stone

    The pizza stone will never look like new again

    Like I mentioned it is a natural product and will discolor after use.
    There will also be little remains of your previous pizza in the little cracks.
    This will not cause any problems, because the stone get heated over and over again and the remains will burn off.

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