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Rating: 4.7 – Reviewed by Eddie
Weber Q 1000 reviewIn this Weber Q 1000 propane portable gas grill review we found this is an update from the Q100 and the Weber company started these updates for the year 2014.
The update are mainly aesthetics and the main features are from the same quality as the old q100 model.
The new features are larger handles and a larger control knob. Furthermore the brand is now branded in the lid.
The size of this portable grill makes it easy to use for camping trips and tailgating. Of course it also a good grill for on your patio or back porch.

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1. grill surface
2. Material of the grate
3. Features
5. Customer Reviews
6. Pros & Cons
6. Summary
7. Recommended


Grill surface of the Weber Q 1000

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The grill surface of this propane gas grill is 189 square inches.
If you realize that as a rule you need about 72 sq inches for every person you cook for this grill is really meant to be used for a few people.
Just for burgers of hotdogs you can cook for a lot more people of couse.

Material of the grate

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The grill grate is made of porcelain coated cast iron. the cast iron material retains the heat very well and the porcelain coating makes it easy to clean.
Just be careful not to drop it. The porcelain coating might chip of.

Features of the Weber Q 1000 portable gas grill

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Number of burners1 stainless steel burner
MaterialCast aluminum lid and body
IgnitionPush button electronic ignition
ControllerInfinite burner control setting
Weight27.5 pounds
OptionalGrill cart
Grill cover
Larger propane tank


Customer reviews

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With about 85% of the review I read giving the Weber Q1000 a 5 star rating it is hard to find negative reviews of this griil.
One of the problems that most smaller portable gas grill have is that they get real hot and this grill is no exception to that rule. I read a comment from a user that he did not like to cook steaks on this grill because he was not able to cook it done without burning the outside.

But then someone else mentioned the total opposite and wrote that the grill cooked to slow and he was not able to sear his steak.
Maybe this has to do with the safety feature in the regulator that we discuss in our post about that subject. You can read it all here in how to solve gas regulator problems

Most people are pretty happy with this grill and use it more than they expected to use it once they had it.
Many people buy it for a camping trip and end up using it at home all the time.

The few minor bad reviews we found were that it does not feel as sturdy and heavy as the older q100 model but is more expensive.

The fact that that the grill grater is divided in two parts and you can replace it with a griddle was mentioned as a nice option to cook breakfast on this portable grill.
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Grill surface of the Weber Q 1000 propane grill

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Portable and easy to store in a RV because of the size.

Can be used as is like a table top grill or on the optional grill cart.

The option to use a 20 lb propane tank with the available adapter hose is great for longer trips or at home in the back yard.

Can be hooked up to the gas tank of a RV but check with your RV dealer first.

The optional griddle is nice for cooking smaller items or breakfast.

Some mentioned that the regulator does not work to well and it stays to hot whatever they tried. In my opinion a faulty regulator and just send it back.

Most bad reviews wrote that the grill does not get hot enough and like we wrote in the customer review section this most of the time is to blame on the new safety feature that prevents the gas to flow. There is a solution for that like we wrote in that section.

Our opinion about the Q 1000

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After reading a lot of reviews and like always try to find the reviews that were written by users and not people who received a free grill to write a review we can come to the conclusion that the Weber Q 1000 portable propane gas grill is a good buy if you keep some things in mind.
it is a great grill for a small group of people because of its size, but still big enough for a stack of burgers or hotdogs.

The optional cart and cover in combination with the adapter hose and 20 lb propane tank makes it easy to use at home as a stationary grill.

Like all Weber products the used materials are from a good quality only thing is that is not all made in America anymore like it used to be for a long time.

The grill grate that is made in 2 parts makes it easy to use the grill griddle to cook breakfast or smaller items on this grill.

Video of the Weber

Although this is a video of the older Q100 model the features are basically the same.
As soon as I can find a better video I will publish it here.


Recommendations for the Weber Q 1000 gas grill

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Weber Q1000 grill coverLike always we recommend a quality grill for every grill and the Weber 6550 is made for the Weber Q 1000 if you use it without the optional grill cart and just as a table top grill.
If you going to use it on the grill cart you have to look for a bigger grill cover.
Check prices here





Weber adapter hoseThe adapter hose to hook this grill up to a 20 lb propane tank.
This hose that we use our self on our portable grill is easy to use and gives you the option to use a larger 20 lb propane tank instead of the little green ones that come recommended for this portable grill.
Easy to install and to take of when on the go.
Check prices here





Q1000 grill cartWeber 6577 grill cart.
This grill cart can be used only with the Weber Q1000 and Q2000 series.
Does not fit the older Q100 grill
Durable and can be folded for easy transport of your grill.
The grill slides in from the front and locks in place.
For transportation the two straps keeps the grill well in place.
Check prices here







Griddle for Weber Q 1000 seriesWeber 6558 griddle for the Q1000.
This griddle fits all Q 1000 series grills from Weber. I have also someone who used it on a different brand grill and just puts on top of his grill grate. it took a little longer to heat up but worked according to him.
Take of one of the halves of you Q1000 series grill grates and replace it with this griddle to expend the options of you grill. Great to use for breakfast. Easy to clean and the lip around the edge prevents the griddle from leaking grease in the grill itself.
Check prices here




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  1. I have a q1000 the problem I have with it is I has on gauge for temp, I only use when I want to cook with lid open, I have anouther gril with temp gauge I do most of my cooking in it. The Weber is used when camping. Will problem give it to my Dougherty. Can’t figur why they di ten put a gauge on it.

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